Friday, March 9, 2012

Makan Around Kota Kemuning - 72 Heritage Cafe

Heritage 72 Cafe is a cafe/restaurant located at the shoplots just facing our Lagoon Homes. (One row is where the Jusco D'Hati is, this is at the other row, nearer to the end where you turn to go to the Mama Kandar corner mamak shop)

So what is good here? First, it is a Nyonya themed restaurant (though they do not sell the full complete list of Nyonya dishes), run by a close family business environment.

I like their internal deco, which is quite retro and full of flavor. The boss is an old man which is very chatty and friendly.

So what do they serve? They serve a lot of ala carte dishes, among which my personal favourite is the Butter fried chicken rice. They also have the daily special curry dishes, on display on a white board placed on a nicely decorated trishaw in front of the shop.


How to know if they are open? The easiest way is to look out for this retro looking VW van owned by the old man... if the car is there, the shop is open :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Makan Around Kota Kemuning - K3K Cafe

K3K Benta Kaya Cafe is located at the new shop lots area facing opposite our very own Gamuda office. There are 2 rows of shop lots there that facing the roads, and K3K is at the row after Chatime row, located exactly next to a clinic.

So, what is good there?
To me, it is a Old Town / Paparich type of cafe, but offer much more in terms of food and drinks.

Do try their Hakka noodles (spicy / non spicy 2 versions), their fried spring chicken, their special bun, and their special rice (forgot the name hehehe)

And for drinks? If you are coming in the afternoon under the scorching sun, a MUST TRY is their Cucumber with sour plum ....their coffee and other ice blended drinks are recommended too.
(By the way, their free WiFi is super fast ......... )
Hakka Noodles (Spicy version) with Cucmber sour plum juice
Their nasi (forgot the name already sorry)

Makan Around Kota Kemuning

Dear Lagooners,

Since last year, there are many new shop lots coming up around Kota Kemuning, and as typical Malaysian landscape, a lot more makan place spruced up! Let's share these makan place. You can post about any restaurant, cafe, stall that you tried, where it is (in Kota Kemuning), what is their recommended food/drinks. Let's share this among our Lagooners.

JOM Makan! 

(Make sure it is makan place within Kota Kemuning/Bukit Rimau area)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Are you satisfied with our guards?

After almost 2 years of Hoo-Hahs, and after the forming and re-forming (but now seems defunct anyway) Lagoon Committee to address the guarded and gated issues, finally, like it or not, we got our guards (somehow). And like it or not, more and more houses is starting to pay them for patrolling our area.
So what do you think of them, (most important their patrol services) now that they have been here for more than 6 months ? Are you happy? Satisfied? No choice? Don't care?
Do share you feel about it.
Personally, i feel they have been trying to do their job, and what i like about them is they even patrol consistently our back lanes via motor cycles after midnight. Having said all that, being one of the ex committee members, i still not very comfortable about their origins, and how is their track records. So, even till now, i have not pay them for their patrolling.
Let's just view this issue a bit more neutrally and share your thoughts about it, treat this as a channel to voice (after trying to take action for the past 2 years...... ) Cheers.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Breaking News

First Robbery attempt then
Break in NOW

MURDER in our Lagoon area
Happens today 14/12/2011 at 6pm Foreign worker found murdered in the TNB power station
Next to the playground at Phase 1

His hands were tighd next against the parameter wall and stabbed to death

It's about time we think about fencing up the area and collectively securing our homes

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

Security Concern

Dear Lagooners

The security issue has been a concern for years and from the 1st time we all moved in. Many meetings many discussions has been placed. Efforts have been made and yet the security concern has yet to be solved or rather broght moving. Lagooners in phase 2 has moved forward to appoint a security company to solve their security concerns. It has been Brought to my attention that many homes have fallen victims to break in and attempts. It is also to my knowledge that a total of 50 homes at phase 2 have signed up with the security company
The security company is now on its efforts to offer security services to phase1. If they can achieve a total of 100 sign ups they can go 24hrs 7days a week. Wehave signed up with a few others and kindly urge all Lagooners who are concern of the safety of their homes, valuable, and loved ones to join in. Why should we use Commitee as an excuse to not register. What happens when something bad happens what does the comitee do in fact what can the commitee do.
I strongly urge and seek the support of our fellow commitee members to join in use this security company for the better of all Lagooners rather than wait further. On the last we meet we were seeking security companies now we have it lets use it.
Why wait!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MPSA, MPP Zone and PPKK Chinese New Year Celebration

Dear Lagooners,

Please inform friends & neighbours to come celebrate & join in the festivities (Attractions / Performances include Dragon & Lion Dance, Belly Dance plus lots of Food & Lucky Draws) :

Date: Wednesday, 16th February 2011
Time: 7.00pm - 11.00pm
Venue: Kota Kemuning Lakeside